CLEANER Path Forward
CLEANER Workshop 1
What is the Path Forward?
CLEANER Workshop 2
CLEANER Workshop 3


CLEANER Roadmap    

A. Development of Concept/Content/Management Plan

  1. Workshops on:
    a. EFF concepts/budgets/value added
    b. Project scenarios and interaction with infrastructure design/modification
    c. Environmental Cyberinfrastructure, LTERs, NEON, NEES
  2. Expand disciplinary inclusiveness, beyond Environmental/Civil Engineers

B. Communication

  1. Website
  2. Within NSF and affiliates (e.g., AC/ENG, AC/ERE, NSB)
  3. Other agencies (e.g., EPA, NOAA, DOE, DOD, USGS)
  4. NAE/NAS members, AEESP, ASCE, WEF, AWWA, SETAC, ACS, AGU, ASM, etc.

C. Leadership (pro tem)

  1. Community (Richard Luthy, Jerald Schnoor, Lisa Alvarez-Cohen, Andria Costello, Michael Aitken)
  2. NSF (Nicholas Clesceri, Bruce Hamilton, Priscilla Nelson, Miriam Heller, Richard Fragaszy)



2002 - University of California Berkeley - Civil and Environmental Engineering